Client Spotlight: RAD

Rad is an agency recently launched in Los Angeles by Arianne Phillips and Carineh Martin.

“The pitch is simple: Stylist and celeb pick the dress or tux (and shoes and jewels and watch) said celeb wants to wear, whether because of a contract or because they love it or both. Then RAD goes to the brand and asks it to donate to the charity of the star’s choice. (The brand decides how much.)

And then, when clothes get mentioned, so does the donation — on the carpet during interviews, as well as in social media posts and news releases.”

- The New York Times

Since their launch, they have had partnerships with Elisabeth Moss, Camila Cabello, Gucci, and many more. Not to mention the features from major magazines such as The New York Times and Variety.

I have been working with them since they began, and am extremely proud to be involved with a company that has such a positive impact.

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